Public Relations & Brand Management

MUT’s Public Relations & Brand Management is headed by Mr Len Mzimela. It is responsible for ensuring that the Integrated Marketing Communications strategy is implemented across all offices that deal with marketing and communications; it develops campaigns aimed at enhancing the MUT brand; and supervises media relations, website management, corporate identity and publications. In addition, the department is responsible for the University website, Facebook and Twitter pages, University publications, liaison with the media, advertising and marketing.

University Website

The website is the public window to the University and the online point of contact. It allows users to access various forms of information about the University. This is also a major source for students and staff recruitment, publicity and profiling the University and the accomplishments of staff and students.


University publications allow us to tell our own stories appropriately and to distribute this to relevant stakeholder groups.


Advertising involves the design of branded messages and strategically placing them on appropriate platforms such as newspapers, magazines and publications used by our key stakeholders.

Media Relations

Communication with media is managed through this section.