Marketing & Communications


Manage perceptions about MUT in order to create a positive image which will enhance goodwill among stakeholders and put MUT at the forefront of Marketing and Communication innovation.


Elevate Marketing and Communications through innovation, and shape industry standards for sustainability and international relevance.

Message from the Head of Unit/Department


Ms Mbali Mkhize – Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications (MarComms) at MUT has been bolstered over the past five years with a bold approach on brand visibility, anchored on a strong media relations strategy. The MUT annual Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) were less that R1 million in 2011, and today our AVEs are over R25 million.

Over the past five years, the MarComms team has scooped merit awards for Social Media and the Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC), thus showing that MUT is an equal player among all South Africa’s Universities.

Two of MarComms flagship programmes have made an indelible mark on MUT. These are the Empowered Administrators Conference ( and the Circle of Excellence Awards. The EAC has positioned MUT as a leader in raising PR and brand management awareness among all frontline staff so that they become leaders of building their organisations’ brands. At the same time, this PR strategy has helped raise MUT’s profile among corporations, academic institutions, and government and Chapter 9 institutions.

Who are we

The MarComms directorate comprises the Office of the Senior Director, Events’ Coordinator and office manager. The office oversees two directorates: Stakeholder Relations Management as well as the Public Relations and Brand Management directorate. Ms Mbali Mkhize is senior director, marketing and communications. Mr Len Mzimela is director Public Relations and Brand Management and Mrs Zama Sishi is director Stakeholder Relations Management.

What we do

  • Major campaigns include the:
  • Values campaigns
  • What the values mean to us
  • 35-year anniversary campaign
  • Registration campaigns
  • Media relations


Instrumental in creating partnerships with:

  • Transnet Capital
  • Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited
  • EThekwini Municipality for the empowerment of their office administrators.

Big projects/events

  • Graduation ceremonies over five days
  • Empowered Administrators Conference
  • Over 1 000 secretaries, office administrators and frontline staff trained

Success stories

Internal communication

To raise positive spirits about MUT, the MarComms team publishes a weekly newsletter, Good News Friday.